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Paul Krugman is Depressed

Notice the paragraph below marked in red. Krugman limits the public response to elections, but we know from experience that mobilizing against the cuts or for fair elections is very hard work. On The Political Economy Of Permanent Stagnation I’ve been having a strange reaction to recent news about economic policy. Stuff is happening: the … Continue reading »

Senate Budget

Our letter/petition to Senators Gillibrand and Schumer was faxed Friday evening with 45 signatures. We knew it was late, that the Democratic caucus was split, and that our letter would not sway our Senators’ votes. But it serves to remind them that there are groups like us watching closely. The budget discussion if far from … Continue reading »

The United States National Debt — 233 years in the making The biggest contributor to our national debt is war and war preparation. We have such a large national debt because our government has preferred to borrow in order to finance war rather than tax to finance war. Follow @Rebels_Band

Focus Voters’ Anger on Corporations, Not Just Republicans

Labor Notes January 28, 2013 / Gordon Lafer After a massive signature-gathering campaign, Ohio voters overruled the legislature and Governor John Kasich in 2011 with a 61.5 percent vote to restore collective bargaining. Such focused ballot initiatives can allow unions to avoid the messy and various reasons that people vote for candidates. Photo: Transport Workers … Continue reading »

100 Days Campaign: Campaign for a Fair Settlement

The start of President Obama’s second term may be his last chance to get justice for the millions of homeowners, taxpayers and investors who lost their homes, savings, pensions and livelihoods in the financial crisis. Holding Wall Street accountable is the right thing to do. And it’s a way to boost the anemic economy by … Continue reading »

Controversial, Not Controversial

Juan Cole’s Blog Informed Comment provides some of the best commentary on politics and society in the Middle East. This recent post Controversial, Not Controversial has this. “Not controversial: John Brennan: Served in CIA during the torture program, designed the current US drone program that has extra-judicially killed hundreds, including children and including at least … Continue reading »

The Big Lie Loses

William Grieder in The Nation “The moment of truth arrived for politicians, however, when they finally had to vote on something real and with real consequences for the folks. The elected pols lost their nerve en masse. They ducked on the hard stuff. That is the good news of New Year’s Eve. You may want … Continue reading »

Remember All the Children, Mr. President

by Bill Quigley in Remember the 35 children who died in Gaza this month from Israeli bombardments. Remember the 168 children who have been killed by US drone attacks in Pakistan since 2006. Remember the 231 children killed in Afghanistan in the first 6 months of this year. Remember the 400 other children in … Continue reading »

Why should the left support Obama?

In the Nov. 5th The Nation, Doug Henwood laments the left always falling in line behind the Democrats “lesser of two evils.” It is better if Obama wins than if Romney wins because it gives us a better chance to revivify the movement that Occupy exemplified. He ends his comment with this. “I’m hoping that … Continue reading »