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Clinton’s war presidency by Doug Noble

Clinton’s war presidency from City Newspaper 11/02/2016 In her latest Urban Journal (October 26), Mary Anna Towler laments that a Clinton presidency won’t heal the nation’s divisions because “bipartisanship is functionally dead.” While this may be true of national politics and the electorate, bipartisan support for Clinton’s militarist foreign policy is alarmingly robust and could lead … Continue reading »

Doug Noble Speaks Out Against Proposed Military Academy in RCSD

Doug Noble’s Speech to the RCSD School Board April 28, 2016 As someone with a Ph.D. in education who’s written extensively about the military in public education, when I first heard of the proposed military academy, I went and reviewed a century of research on the merits, costs, and overall educational value of such schools. After all, if someone were proposing a new school based on, say, expeditionary learning … Continue reading »

Hank Funnies

George Dardess, remarkable scholar, peace activist and cartoonist, to name a few of his many failings, has advanced this comic strip  probably a dozen more steps but this is a good link.  Easy to use and you get the toons in a meaningful sequence, as in first, second, etc. Mike Connelly Hank Funnies Follow @Rebels_Band

Low Pay Is Not OK

A number of us demonstrated outside the McDonald’s at 420 Monroe Ave. on Thursday, Dec. 9th. The event was covered in the local media. Here are links to the coverage. MINIMUM WAGES AT HEART OF PROTEST Democrat_and_Chronicle_2013 12 06_A11_2 PDF Newspaper story and video Rochester Protesters Join National Call for Higher Minimum Wage: Channel 13WHAM … Continue reading »

Groups Protest Chained Consumer Price Index

WXXI By Alex Crichton Enlarge image Credit Gretle Kauffman WXXI Protestors gathered in front of the federal building Tuesday to speak out against a plan in the President’s proposed budget that would change the way government measures inflation. Instead of a the standard cost of living adjustment, the so-called chained Consumer Price Index would be … Continue reading »

Don’t blame American seniors for budget crisis

From Democrat & Chronicle May 5, 2013 Syndicated artist Nick Anderson’s cartoon in your April 9 paper blames older people for the budget crisis. Opposition to Social Security cuts has more to do with defending the rights of younger workers to have Social Security when they need it. Funds for this are secure until about … Continue reading »

“Earth’s Water,” a poetry reading

Please join us on Saturday, April 27 for “Earth’s Water,” a poetry reading highlighting the issues of fracking and climate change, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY. Doors open at 4 and readings begin at 4:30 pm, and continue until 8:15. Featuring Paulette Swartzfager, Jack Bradigan Spula, Hugh Mitchell, Martha Treichler, Maril … Continue reading »

Mike Rudnick’s Letter to the White House

To: White House I’m an engineer, with a PhD, living with my family of four in a wealthy Rochester NY suburb.  I’ve both voted for and given you campaign contributions. In my view, our biggest problem, by far, is the rampant and growing levels of class warfare practiced again us, the 99%, and our collective … Continue reading »

Rebels Speak Out! Austerity or jobs? by Mike Connelly

Austerity or Jobs The national mythology about the economy given by the mainstream media can be summarized as a discussion whose terms are “austerity” and … “austerity.” Not “versus full employment” or “jobs” but how much austerity, when, and for whom. We all need to share in the sacrifice… Riiight! The media choose to forget … Continue reading »

Expand Social Security

Guest essay: We need more, not less, Social Security Democrat & Chronicle, March 15, 2013 by Doug Noble At a time when Social Security cuts are routine­ly threatened, the pro­gram should instead be drastically expanded. One historian of Social Security, political science professor Max J. Skid­more of the University of Missouri, reminds us that the … Continue reading »

Don’t use dependents as political pawns

Democrat and Chronicle, March 13, 2013 Other Voices  The March 3 editorial “Capi­tol failures” mentioned the Simpson-Bowles plan and look­ing at reforms in Social Securi­ty and Medicare as solutions for reducing the debt. Simpson and Bowles, other lobbyists, billionaires and Wall Street CEOs are members of Fix the Debt, a campaign to convince us that … Continue reading »


It’s been two years since the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, a catastrophic event that decimated the lives and livelihoods of some 160,000 Japanese citizens with an estimated economic loss of up to a half a trillion dollars. Here in the United States, Fukushima heightened public concern and provided a rallying point for stronger nuclear safety … Continue reading »

Students and college loans

City Newspaper 2/27/2013 by DOUG NOBLE, ROCHESTER Tim Macaluso’s recent article ignores the real issues behind massive student debt. Instead of parroting college administrators in blaming parents and students for their poor choices and lack of “financial discipline,” it might have mentioned this vicious cycle: Colleges have been able to inflate tuition costs way beyond … Continue reading »

Don’t cut the budget on the backs of the vulnerable

Letter to Democrat and Chronicle 01/25/2013 This is in response to the business CEOs calling for raising the retirement age to 70 for Social Security and Medicare, privatizing Medicare, and having smaller increases in annual benefits (Jan. 17 story). Social Security, our earned benefit, has never added one penny to the deficit, and can be … Continue reading »

Anti Drone Letter

Letter submitted to Raleigh News & Observer by Vicki Ryder Just one month ago, 20 of our precious and innocent children were killed in Newtown, Conn., by bullets allegedly fired from a military-style assault rifle. Understandably, there followed a swift call for stepped-up gun control to keep these weapons off our streets.  In Yemen and … Continue reading »

‘Entitlements’ label omits story of sacrifice

Letter in the Democrat and Chronicle Social Security and Medicare are insurance programs that the recipients have paid for while they worked. On each pay stub there was a box titled FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act). The amount in that box was deducted from an employee’s pay, along with an equal amount from the employer … Continue reading »

HSBC officials should be facing criminal charges

Letter in the Democrat and Chronicle The United States imprisons a higher percent of its population than any other nation on earth. In fact no other nation comes close. This high percentage is mostly thanks to the war on drugs. The prison system is highly biased against the poor and racial minorities. So, while prisons … Continue reading »

These aren’t ‘entitlements’

City Newspaper Feedback 1/2/13 I started paying into Social Security in 1955 and paid into it for 50 years. I started paying into Medicare in 1965, and I’m still paying into it today. I earned everything I get from those programs. I earned every benefit I get and then some. They are earned benefits, not … Continue reading »

Obama’s fatwa

City Newspaper Feedback 1/2/13 I just read Salman Rushdie’s memoir describing his nine years in hiding from Ayatollah Khomenei’s death sentence (fatwa), imposed for his “heretical” novel “Satanic Verses.” The entire world deplored this murderous threat on the writer’s life. I could not help but compare Rushdie’s dire plight with that suffered by the many … Continue reading »