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Band of Rebels Signs

We have a number of old signs from the days we met on the street every Monday at noon. Anyone who wants to have some or all of these signs to use, reuse, or repurpose. The signs were donated to Metro Justice. Follow @Rebels_Band

Rochester Social Welfare Action Alliance

HUMAN RIGHTS DENIED! Flint’s water crisis as a microcosm of the nation’s politics of inequality Thursday, April 14, 2016 6 pm The College at Brockport Metro Center Grand Hallway 55 St Paul Street Rochester, NY (across from RTS terminal) CONNECT, MOVE, ACT! A Regional Summit – Standing Together for Human Rights Friday, April 15, 2016 … Continue reading »

Elizabeth McGriff Evicted!! Take Back the Land

My neighbor, Elizabeth McGriff, just lost her battle since 2014 to save her home and avoid eviction. Liz bought her home in 2001 for $56,000. She lost her job and struggled to pay the mortgage. She went through several loan modifications, one with an interest rate topping 8 percent. McGriff couldn’t keep up. “I’ve tried … Continue reading »

Statements from the Band of Rebels Picnic

Bakken Crude and Water in Finger Lakes Region 1. Bakken crude oil is more volatile than heavy crude oil, and rail tankers currently in use are prone to rupture when derailed. Since 2013, twelve accidents have occurred involving tankers carrying oil, much of it Bakken crude, in the U.S. and Canada, always almost always resulting … Continue reading »

CaRDI comment on housing affordability

Housing Affordability in New York State New York Minute, Issue Number 62/July 2014 In the United States, “housing affordability” is typically measured by the percent of household income spent on housing. If this figure exceeds 30 percent, a household is considered to be housing-cost burdened (those households spending more than 50% of their income on … Continue reading »

Home Defenders, we are winning!

Facing Community Eviction Blockade, Marshal Calls Off Eviction of Rochester Resident Through Sleet and Snow, Eviction Blockade Draws Out Dozens of Supporters, But No Marshal Akhom Phetphanh and his Son Ty Locked to the Front Porch of Their House Rochester, NY – Despite rain, snow, and sleet  dozens of neighbors and community members formed a … Continue reading »


 Despite Eviction Orders, Woods Family Stays in Their Home Who: Community of Human Rights Defenders What: Eviction Protest to Stop the Unjust Bank Eviction of the Woods Family When: Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 11:00am Where: 394 Webster Ave., Rochester, NY (the 23 years residence of the Woods family) Why: Because united we can stop … Continue reading »

Message from Renee Madison

We went to court on 23rd day of August 2013, & to tell you I had Butterflies in my stomach and was unsure how the outcome would be. With the support from Take Back the Land & Attorney David Kaplan, the Judge ruled in my favor, the representatives from Nationstar & Fannie Mae didn’t show. … Continue reading »

Renee Madison Update

On the evening of June 11, 2013 a Representative from Fannie Mae called Renee Madison to notify her that the imminent eviction of her family has been called off as they re-review her case.  This is after Renee Brooks defied her 72 hour eviction notice (which expired June 6, 2013) and Take Back the Land … Continue reading »

Call and Leave a Message in Support of Renee Madison

Call and leave a message for Timothy J. Mayopoulos, CEO Fannie Mae 202-752-7000 Ask him to stay the eviction of Renee Madison who lives on Brooks Ave. in Rochester. Fannie Mae bought her house at auction and is now trying to evict her. Ask him to reconsider his position and allow her time to purchase the house back. … Continue reading »

Eviction Watch

Renee Madison of 612 Brooks Avenue has been foreclosed on by Fannie Mae and has received a notice to evict.  She intends to stay in her home, to fight this unjust foreclosure, and is calling on the community and Take Back the Land for support. Her open letter to Fannie Mae explains the situation and … Continue reading »

Moving on Down

The myth of the “American Dream” tells us that if we work hard and take care of our expenses we can afford to own our homes. We might begin with a “starter house” when we are younger and then move up to a larger house as our income and our family grows. This story was … Continue reading »