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Minority Credit Unions

Band of Rebels A great way to support the black community is to keep your money in a black-owned bank. With Black History Month coming up, we published a guide with a list of all the minority credit unions across the United States. Our guide uncovers the financial benefits of banking with minority credit unions, … Continue reading »

So you want to Fight for 15?

The Fight for 15 is rapidly taking off here in Rochester. But, if we’re really going to build a movement of fast food workers to win $15/hr and a union, we’re going to need your help! Not only is this movement helping to revitalize the US labor movement, but it’s also one of the strongest … Continue reading »

Capital in the Twenty-First Century The Graduate Center, CUNY The Graduate Center, CUNY

The French economist Thomas Piketty (Paris School of Economics) discussed his new book, Capital in the Twenty-First Century at the Graduate Center. In this landmark work, Piketty argues that the main driver of inequality—the tendency of returns on capital to exceed the rate of economic growth—threatens to generate extreme inequalities that stir discontent and undermine … Continue reading »

The Real Lost Generation

Harper’s Magazine, December 2013   By Jeff Madrick Madrick describes the current lack of employment for people 18-24 years of age. Here are some quotes from the article. In the past decade, the percentage of teens working summer jobs has fallen nearly to post–World War II lows. The all-time peak, of 58 percent, was in 1978; … Continue reading »

How are human rights affected by class and race?

 The International Human Rights Day Committee invites you to a discussion of Class and Race: What Happens When the ‘Have-Nots’ Become ‘Haves’? Featuring a Dramatic Reading of Palmer Park written by  Joanna McClelland Glass directed by Maria Scipione Tuesday, December 10, 2013           6:30 PM Downtown United Presbyterian Church 121 N. Fitzhugh Street, Rochester, NY Cookie … Continue reading »

a still more dangerous thing (John Steinbeck)

Just read Grapes of Wrath, and found this passage in Ch. 14: Doug Noble __________________________________________________ This you may say of man – when theories change and crash, when schools, philosophies, when narrow dark alleys of thought, national, religious, economic, grow and disintegrate, man reaches, stumbles forward, painfully, mistakenly sometimes. Having stepped forward, he may slip … Continue reading »

There’s Always a Class War Going On

CounterPunch Weekend Edition November 22-24, 2013 An Interview with Chris Steele There’s Always a Class War Going On by NOAM CHOMSKY This is an excerpt from the just released 2nd edition of Noam Chomsky’s OCCUPY: Class War, Rebellion and Solidarity published by Zuccotti Park Press. Chris Steele: An article that recently came out in Rolling … Continue reading »

Let’s Get This Class War Started

Published on Monday, October 21, 2013 by Let’s Get This Class War Started by Chris Hedges “The rich are different from us,” F. Scott Fitzgerald is said to have remarked to Ernest Hemingway, to which Hemingway allegedly replied, “Yes, they have more money.”(Image: The exchange, although it never actually took place, sums up … Continue reading »

Fearlessness Grows From the Grass Roots

Saturday, 18 May 2013 11:50 By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the Fog Radio | Op-Ed As more people see that the government represents Wall Street and concentrated wealth, instead of them; that the government continues to give the banksters who crashed the economy a break while cutting access to basic necessities, that the government continues to … Continue reading »

Government Surveillance of Occupy Movement

Special Report by Center for Media and Democracy and DBA Press – by Beau Hodai, CMD/DBA On May 20, 2013, DBA Press and the Center for Media and Democracy 
released the results of a year-long investigation: “Dissent or Terror:
 How the Nation’s Counter Terrorism Apparatus, In Partnership With 
Corporate America, Turned on Occupy Wall Street.”

 … Continue reading »

Meet the Fix the Debt lobbyists

Meet the Fix the Debt lobbyists from LittleSis blog By Rob Galbraith  •  Jan 01, 2013 at 09:21 EST According to a new filing, the Campaign to Fix the Debt, whose leadership includes lobbyists Vic Fazio and Jim McCrery, has hired lobbyists of its own. A lobbying disclosure filing by Fix the Debt reveals that … Continue reading »

Inequality Is Holding Back The Recovery

Inequality Is Holding Back The Recovery New York Times comment By JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ We all know this and have heard it before. The only way this country will recover is by bringing everyone to a fair share in the wealth we produce each year. Follow @Rebels_Band

Why “deficit reduction” is a scam

Our most visible opponent in the budget showdown is the deficit hawk group “Fix the Debt” founded by Alan Simpson (former Republican Senator from Wyoming) & Erskine Bowles (North Carolina Democrat who was a major figure in the Clinton administration). These two were co-chairs of Barack Obama’s  National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility. This so called … Continue reading »

Lloyd Blankfein is the Face of Class Warfare

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein came to Capitol Hill this week to call for cuts in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. As Congress and the White House are negotiating a year-end deficit deal, Blankfein sought to “lower people’s expectations” about their retirement and health care. He spoke with all the sympathy for someone struggling to … Continue reading »