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Minority Credit Unions

Band of Rebels A great way to support the black community is to keep your money in a black-owned bank. With Black History Month coming up, we published a guide with a list of all the minority credit unions across the United States. Our guide uncovers the financial benefits of banking with minority credit unions, … Continue reading »

Band of Rebels Signs

We have a number of old signs from the days we met on the street every Monday at noon. Anyone who wants to have some or all of these signs to use, reuse, or repurpose. The signs were donated to Metro Justice. Follow @Rebels_Band

Elizabeth McGriff Evicted!! Take Back the Land

My neighbor, Elizabeth McGriff, just lost her battle since 2014 to save her home and avoid eviction. Liz bought her home in 2001 for $56,000. She lost her job and struggled to pay the mortgage. She went through several loan modifications, one with an interest rate topping 8 percent. McGriff couldn’t keep up. “I’ve tried … Continue reading »

Home Defenders, we are winning!

Facing Community Eviction Blockade, Marshal Calls Off Eviction of Rochester Resident Through Sleet and Snow, Eviction Blockade Draws Out Dozens of Supporters, But No Marshal Akhom Phetphanh and his Son Ty Locked to the Front Porch of Their House Rochester, NY – Despite rain, snow, and sleet  dozens of neighbors and community members formed a … Continue reading »

The Post Office Banks on the Poor

The New York Times  By MEHRSA BARADARAN  FEB. 7, 2014 ATHENS, Ga. — PEOPLE like to complain about banks popping up like Starbucks on every corner these days. But in poor neighborhoods, the phenomenon is quite the opposite: Over the past couple of decades, the banks have pulled out. Approximately 88 million people in the … Continue reading »

Why aren’t the Wall Street criminals prosecuted?

Read original By Barry Grey 7 January 2014 In May 2012, only days after JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon revealed that his bank had lost billions of dollars in speculative bets, President Barack Obama publicly defended the multi-millionaire CEO, calling him “one of the smartest bankers we’ve got.” What Obama did not mention is that Dimon … Continue reading »

Overthrow the Speculators

By Chris Hedges on Money, as Karl Marx lamented, plays the largest part in determining the course of history. Once speculators are able to concentrate wealth into their hands they have, throughout history, emasculated government, turned the press into lap dogs and courtiers, corrupted the courts and hollowed out public institutions, including universities, to … Continue reading »

Too Important to Fail

This article about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is notable for its description of the way banksters use “big data” and “behavioral economics” to manipulate consumers into taking on more debt in credit cards, for instance. Gravois explains that the CFPB is developing the same methods with the aim of helping consumers. However, he warns … Continue reading »

The Lies That Will Kill America

Sunday, 27 October 2013 09:39 By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship, Moyers & Company | Op-Ed Here in Manhattan the other day, you couldn’t miss it — the big bold headline across the front page of the tabloid New York Post, screaming one of those sick, slick lies that are a trademark of Rupert Murdoch’s right-wing … Continue reading »

JPMorgan Urged to Pay More in Mortgage Deal

New York Times 9/26/2013 By BEN PROTESS and JESSICA SILVER-GREENBERG Jamie Dimon, chief of JPMorgan, showing ID to security at the Justice Department.Manuel Balce Ceneta/Associated Press Jamie Dimon, chief of JPMorgan, showing ID to security at the Justice Department. The Justice Department is moving closer to striking a multibillion-dollar settlement with JPMorgan Chase over questionable … Continue reading »

Message from Renee Madison

We went to court on 23rd day of August 2013, & to tell you I had Butterflies in my stomach and was unsure how the outcome would be. With the support from Take Back the Land & Attorney David Kaplan, the Judge ruled in my favor, the representatives from Nationstar & Fannie Mae didn’t show. … Continue reading »