About the Band of Rebels

We are a group grandparents and allies in Rochester NY who are determined to restore the American dream for our grandchildren and fight for a viable future for all. In 2011 we took to the streets to target those corporations and institutions, especially banks, that are destroying our nation. Our regular Monday Noon demonstrations ended sometime in 2014. Some of the original activists have passed away, but those of us who remain continue to demand that our government be accountable to the 99% of the population who work hard to provide for their families and have been victimized and brutalized by the top 1%.

We are people of the left including religious, liberal, socialist, anarchist, LGBT+ etc. We do not all agree about every issue but we are united in opposition to the current organization of the capitalist United States.

What does the Band of Rebels Stand for?

  • A fair and just tax system.
  • Creating jobs with union-scale wages, the right to collective bargaining, and health care and pensions.
  • A national single-payer healthcare system.
  • A law or amendment to the Constitution ending corporate personhood.
  • Strengthening Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
  • Federal financing for all public schools (not property-tax financing).
  • Forgiving education debt to allow young people to begin their careers free of debt.
  • Cutting the defense budget and funding domestic priorities.
  • Rebuilding US infrastructure with green technologies; pass and enforce strong measures to protect the environment.
  • Mandate public financing of all elections and return democracy to the people