Fracking Kills Babies? Email text from Organic Consumers Association

Unfortunately, this is neither parody nor satire.

We now have what amounts to a scientific “smoking gun” with respect to the long-suspected deleterious health effects of fracking.  Unfortunately, it’s found that our most vulnerable population segment — fetuses and babies — are the victims, though it’s likely others also suffer negative health consequences.  It also is yet another instance/symptom suggestive of how the U.S. has-become/is-becoming the richest 3rd-world country on planet Earth.

Below is an article from the Organic Consumer’s Association’s weekly newsletter.  In case it’s not obvious, I subscribe and find it to be one of the more useful/informative newsletters I subscribe to.

Clicking the “Read the study” link will take you to , a page displaying the abstract of this new study.  Because the study’s results were published on an “open access” basis (all science should be published this way IMNSHO), you can then click on the “Download as PDF” link to get the full study and read it yourself (you can also get it as HTMP or XML if you prefer) to find out the details without having to pay a corporation for the privilege.

This is yet another case of massive experiments being conducted on us without our permission and usually without our knowledge.  In other words, we’re the guinea pigs and for the most part don’t know/understand that we are.

As usual, this experiment was not designed as a scientific experiment, nor was the data collected, nor was the data analyzed — until now, many years later than had this experiment been designed and performed as a scientific experiment.  Had this fracking experiment been designed as an experiment, we would have know the results more conclusively, and perhaps more important, many years earlier.  In other words, it would have been one of those experiments that would/could have been stopped “early” because of the sever damage that was clearly being done to the guinea pigs — our babies in this case.

Another thing that would have been different had this experiment been performed as a scientific experiment, is that we would know exactly what chemicals we were poisoning ourselves (the guinea pigs) with, unlike the reality we are now faced with.  As part of the ongoing class warfare against our society, oligarchs/corporations have been largely able to hide the full list of fracking chemicals in use.  This is/was unprecedented in modern first-world public policy with respect to how many chemicals were hidden and how widespread the resulting public harm.  We largely have Dick Cheney to thank for this — he accomplished this during his tenure as Vice President IIRC.

I believe those responsible for this, and other of the more-heinous class-war policies, will eventually be viewed as intentionally/knowingly killing people for profit and trying to cover up after that reality.  I further believe they will eventually be viewed as having committed crimes against humanity.

Perhaps the worst part of all this is, as things now stand, it’s impossible to stop this particular experiment.  The “fracking toxins” are more or less permanently polluting Earth throughout these fracked landscapes, at least in the human time context (as opposed to the geological time context).  That this was one of the risks of fracking was not not particularly difficult to anticipate, as many, including myself, did.

Note that there’s an additional element of class warfare against the poor in all this, an element of what is generally nowadays termed environmental justice.  The rich can, in effect, say “I’m going to choose to not be a guinea pig and victim, in this particular case” and relocate away form the toxic exposures, as much as is possible nowadays (there are now a number of persistent pollutants that are widely and more or less permanently spread across the planet that it’s impossible to fully avoid).  In contrast, the poor often can not; for example, property values plummet in polluted areas — a relatively extreme example being Love Canal here in NY, and, of course, another example of a guinea-pig experiment gone wildly wrong.  Those with the financial wherewithall can move away despite the financial hit and save themselves and their loved ones, those without often can not.

None of this should be surprising.  Those of you on my missives distribution list long ago may have read my opinion that this is how this particular guinea-pigs experiment was likely to play out.  Just one small aspect of class war in America.

Now we know (or more precisely, we have pretty convincing scientific evidence that fracking kills babies),

PS:  Because of the importance if this scientific study with respect to our public policy debates, I’ve chosen to include a few extra people on the distribution list for this missive.  Please let those in harms way know.  Finally, if you wish to be added to my distribution list just let me know.

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Fracking Kills Babies [from Organic Consumer Association]
Parents-to-be beware: If you live in 10 of Pennsylvania’s most heavily fracked counties, your baby has a 29-percent greater risk of dying within the first 0 – 28 days of birth, than if you live elsewhere.

An epidemiological study published recently in the Journal of Environmental Protection revealed for the first time that fracking kills babies. The study examined early infant deaths 0-28 days before and after the drilling of fracking wells, using official data from the U.S. Centre for Disease Control to compare the immediate post-fracking four-year period (2007-2010) with the pre-fracking four-year period (2003-2006). According to the study:

There were about 50 more babies died in these 10 counties than would have been predicted if the rate had been the same over the period as all of Pennsylvania, where the incidence rate fell over the same period.

Think it’s about time to ban fracking? Or at the very least, regulate the chemicals that fracking dumps into local waterways? Sadly, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is still protecting the frackers—not the babies.

Read the study

Learn more at Organic Consumers Association

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