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Dear Corporate Greed Resisters,

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is coming to a vote in Congress this fall and its proponents are worried.

Last week they read about police repression against TTP protesters in Lima, Peru… their palms got sweaty.

Their contacts in Spain called in – panicked – to report demonstrations in over 40 cities all throughout the country… their legs began to tremble.

And now, the CETA is being defeated by the people of Wallonia in Belgium, who refuse to be coerced into a trade deal with Canada under the threat of an ultimatum by the EU. The leader of the Wallonia region, Paul Magnette, denounced that such an ultimatum is “not compatible with the exercise of democratic rights.”

The Obama administration and its TPP allies are scared that this will be the result of their own undemocratic ultimatum: they are putting pressure on Congress to pass the TPP before the end of the Lame Duck session.

We need you to join us in taking action against the TPP in Washington, D. C. and around the country to make the deal politically impossible to pass. Let’s show the world that the we refuse to be tied to a deal imposed by corporate authorities under the pressure of a Lame Duck ultimatum.
The #NoLameDuckUprising is our defining moment in the campaign to #StopTheTPP.
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Unite for Global Justice,
FlushTheTPP Team

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