Draft presentation material on the TPP

Here are our main points from the petition.

We are opposed because this deal would:

  • Permit foreign corporations to sue the U.S. government in private tribunals and order unlimited sums of taxpayer funds to be handed over to these corporations (Investor-State Dispute Settlement or ISDS agreements).
  • Make it easier for corporations to ship jobs to other countries and cause pay cuts for 90% of American workers.
  • Raise medicine prices and give expanded powers to Big Pharma corporations.
  • Flood the U.S. with unsafe imported food.
  • Undermine environmental climate policies.
  • Threaten national sovereignty by making it possible to overturn national, state and local regulations.
  • Ban “Buy American” provisions that help grow jobs here.

Here are some source from which to construct our presentation stories and flyer text.

Robert Reich Why the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a Pending Disaster
MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 2015 (text)

Six things to know about the TPP from Public Citizen Eyes on Trade

Tricks of the Trade Deal: Six Big Problems with the Trans-Pacific Partnership By Joseph Stiglitz,  Roosevelt Institute

Sierra Club TPP slides in PDF

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