Being an Ally with #BlackLivesMatter

Many of us were at the #BlackLivesMatter rally on July 8th. The Band of Rebels will continue to support the 74 people arrested in to join in further events organized by the #BlackLivesMatter coalition.

Rochester Contacts

Enough is Enough Rochester   Enough is Enough Facebook

BLACK Facebook   BLACK website (coming soon)

Be a Co-conspirator: (from Advancement Project)

If you are non-Black, you too play a pivotal role as co-conspirators in the struggle to change policing and ensure racial justice. What can you do as a co-conspirator to support the dignity and safety of Black lives? Engage in deep transformative conversations with your friends, your families, your neighbors, and elevate the voices of communities in pain. These are often the most difficult conversations to have. But we must change hearts and minds as we work to transform systems and institutions. Here are templates and examples of letters of support from various communities.

Also, look into Showing up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

If you are a white person it is worth while to read this list of things to remember. Note to self: White people taking part in #BlackLivesMatter protests | American Friends Service Committee

Recent Conversations in Rochester

  1. Interfaith Community Conversation  Responding to Hate with Love; Responding to Violence by Making Peace July 19, 2016
  2. The Baobab Cultural Center: Community Dialogue Series: A Community’s Fear     –   also known as Rochester 74 Community Talk Back   B.L.A.C.K. Building Leadership and Community Knowledge  July 22, 2016
  3. Conversation at WDKX “So tonight[July 19] there is a conversation happening at WDKX, about the police and our community. Mind you, this conversation topic was definetly sparked by the events that we know they saw during our BLM Rally. They did not invite us, they invited the mayor, who btw lied on us, Adam McFadden, and Cedric Alexander. When they were asked why we were not invited they had bullshit answers. Lol. FLOOD THEIR PHONE LINES AND ASK THEM WHY WE ARE NOT THERE. 585-222-1039 From Facebook post by Frederick Douglass

Please tell us about other conversations about race.


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