Metro Justice: Public Hearing on RCSD Code of Conduct

This Thursday June 2nd there will be a public hearing on the new code of conduct. This is the last opportunity for the community to give public input and show support for better discipline policies. The proposed Code of Conduct, is different from the old code in several key ways:

1. The new code limits the use of exclusionary discipline, ie. suspensions and expulsions  (which makes students more likely to dropout of school) Nearly 90 percent of suspensions are for minor or non-violent behavior.

2. The new code replaces vague guidelines for discipline with clear ones (discipline matrix). Vague discipline guidelines contribute to students of color receiving harsher discipline for the same behavior as their white peers, this is true of other disparities (disability, language, gender, LGTBQ+).

3. The new code focuses on relationship building to create positive school climate within schools. Students are more engaged and behave better when they have a trusted adult to talk to at school.

Come out at and show your support for these important policy changes! The hearing will take place at 131 West Broad St, Rochester, NY at 6:30pm.

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What: Public Hearing on Proposed Code of Conduct

When: Thursday, June 2nd at 6:30pm

Where: RCSD Board of Education, 131 W. Broad St. (3rd Floor)
Rochester, NY

Recently the AQE/Metro Justice Education Committee and Community Task Force held a press conference in support of the new code of conduct which was attended by school board members: Mary Adams, Van White, Cynthia Herriott, Jose Cruz, Liz Hallmark, and Willa Powell. The Board has expressed support for the new code and better policies to end the school-to-prison pipeline. Tomorrow you can speak up at this historic moment and tell the Board of Education you support them in reforming the Rochester City School District’s broken discipline policies!

Eamonn Scanlon

-=-=-Metro Justice · 803 West Ave, Suite 370, Rochester, NY 14611, United States

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