Center Right Advocates Regressive Fiscal Policy to the Next President and Congress

A Third Way related think tank called No Label has published “Policy Playbook for America’s Next President” in an attempt to end national deadlock by moving politics to the center right. The co-chairs of No Label are Jon Huntsman, Joe Lieberman, and Evan Bayh.

Social Security Works comments “Using recent “research” from their Wall Street funded think tank, Lieberman and Huntsman are attempting to rally support on Capitol Hill for their regressive fiscal policy ideas, including cutting Social Security.”

A President Hilary Clinton, who is one of the leading Third Way politicians from the 1990s can be expected to like these ideas. Will Tea Party congress members agree? Third Way politics is about tinkering with policy, cutting social security and medicare expenditures, balancing budgets, keeping fossil fuels in our energy mix, and solving our economic problems through job creation. There is nothing here about progressive tax reform or control of Wall Street, or addressing the boiling issues of racism and inequality.

The quotation below explains the origins of No Label in 2010. Former NY Times and PBS journalist Hedrick Smith sees this center right movement as “protest against political extremism.”

Source: Who Stole the American Dream? By Hedrick Smith, Random House Publishing Group, 2013,  p. 414

  Another sign of rising protest against political extremism — at the state and congressional level — is the birth of No Labels, a group formed by longtime Democratic fund-raiser Nancy Jacobson and Republican Mark McKinnon, a media strategist for the Bush presidential campaigns in 2000 and 2004. No Labels won early blessings from Mayor Bloomberg and former Clinton administration official Jonathan Cowan. As Cowan puts it, “the goal is to counteract this kind of hyper-partisanship, my party, right or wrong, damn the consequences” and to pressure politicians in all 435 congressional districts into “setting aside their party labels” and moving toward compromises on pressing issues.

  But Third Way, a think tank linked to No Labels, has a more focused and practical agenda. Its leaders see parties as the main cause of today’s “pathological polarization· of policies, and they want to break party control over primary elections, the gerrymandering of congressional districts, and party line election of congressional leadership. “Political parties have turned out to be a disaster,” argues former conservative Oklahoma Republican congressman Mickey Edwards. “The problem is the party system itself. And No Labels has on its mission statement to move toward open primaries and to take away party control over districting.”


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