Elizabeth McGriff Evicted!! Take Back the Land

My neighbor, Elizabeth McGriff, just lost her battle since 2014 to save her home and avoid eviction.
Liz bought her home in 2001 for $56,000. She lost her job and struggled to pay the mortgage. She went through several loan modifications, one with an interest rate topping 8 percent. McGriff couldn’t keep up.
“I’ve tried numerous times (to renegotiate) and the amount of money they were asking for is ridiculous,” she said. “If i was struggling to pay $800, how am I going to pay $900?” Liz could have kept her house if she paid the bank $129,000 upfront. That includes the amount of her original loan, plus numerous fees. The city assessed the property at only $73,000.
So after 15 years of paying her mortgage and taxes, today she is left with nothing. The neighborhood is faced with an empty house for who knows how long. On the scene, police are becoming violent and gathered protestors are being assaulted. Meanwhile, a bank in another state is the winner, once again.
Do not ever think this is not also about each of us. Life could happen and tomorrow it could be any one of us. We can only be secure if all of us are secure.

Pat Mannix

Take Back the Land activists Mike Connelly and David Krause were arrested.

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