Students ‘stand with Harry’

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Nazareth College sociology professor Harry Murray has been found guilty of trespassing at the Hancock National Guard Air Base in Syracuse and faces 15 days in jail. He was one of 31 people arrested outside of the base on April 28, 2013. They had staged a “die-in” to protest U.S. drone strikes and to encourage people to visualize their effects.

A longtime peace activist and practitioner of civil disobedience, Murray represented himself in a Wednesday trial in Dewitt Town Court. “I tried to use an international law defense that said that drones are illegal according to the U.N. charter and international humanitarian law,” he said. “Under the Nuremberg principals, citizens have a responsibility not to cooperate with war crimes.”

Though he was found guilty, Murray was in good spirits. “We discussed some good issues. In some ways the judge seemed moved,” he said. “I think it was another step towards putting drones into the court room and on trial.”

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