Mega Vote January 25, 2016

In this MegaVote for New York’s 25th Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes
Senate: Disapprove ‘Waters of the United States’ Rule – Cloture on Veto Message
Upcoming Congressional Bills
Senate: Energy Policy
Editor’s Note: The House is not in session this week.

Recent Senate Votes
Disapprove ‘Waters of the United States’ Rule – Cloture on Veto Message – Vote Failed (52-40, 8 Not Voting)

The Senate rejected a McConnell, R-Ky. motion to invoke cloture on the veto message concerning legislation that would disapprove of the rule issued by EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers on June 29, 2015, commonly known as the “waters of the United States” rule that seeks to clarify the federal government’s authority to regulate certain intrastate waters under the Clean Water Act, providing that the rule will have no force or effect. Sixty votes were needed to end debate. Failing to invoke cloture essentially upheld the president’s veto of the joint resolution.

Sen. Charles Schumer voted NO
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand voted NO

Upcoming Votes
Energy Policy – S2012

The bill would streamline permitting for gas exports, boost energy-efficiency standards for commercial and federal buildings, permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund and require grid infrastructure upgrades for reliability and security.

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