Governor Cuomo’s Task Force Charade on Common Core

New task force, familiar faces: Cuomo wants Common Core ‘total reboot’

“This is unlikely to make a difference, other than to provide the governor and other leaders with cover for a pre-set agenda,” David Bloomfield, an education leadership professor at Brooklyn College and at the City University of New York Graduate Center, told POLITICO New York. “I think it’s showboating.”

Diane Ravitch comments on Governor Cuomo’s commission to revise the common core.

  • “The reason for the commission was to respond to the opt out movement, but no one on the commission speaks for the parents and guardians of the 220,000 students who did not take the test.”
  • “Does anyone seriously believe that this commission has the expertise or the time to do what they are supposed to do?”

The “Rochester parent” representative is a charter school advocate best known for attacking public education in NY.

Mary Adams, Commissioner, Rochester Board of Education

“Interesting, to say the least, that a parent from the Rochester City School Board’s Ad hoc Committee on Common Core Standards Implementation, was not invited and yet we still have Carrie Remis as a “Rochester parent” representative???  – but I guess political friendliness goes further than legitimate representation or substantive contribution in yet the latest Cuomo “Commission.”  Ms. Remis is not a Rochester resident and does not represent Rochester city school parents.”

“If any of the recipients on this list are interested in a serious critique of the consequences of implementing common core standards as an exercise in extreme compliance, rather than valuing knowledge and educator leadership,  see the Ad Hoc Committee Report and RecommendationsSee my testimony from the 2012 Governor’s Commission on education – we are still stuck and children are suffering the consequences every day.”

Carrie Remis, Founding Director of the Parent Power Project rather than being an authentic representative of Rochester parents works to undermine our public schools in order to advance the prospects of the charter school movement, i.e., private schools that are publicly funded.

Students First Campaign in 2012 urges Governor Cuomo to implement “Race to the Top” teacher evaluation system.
“The urgent, fundamental change that Rochester’s children need and deserve is impossible with our local players. On behalf of their parents and their children, I urge you to pursue in earnest, aggressive state interventions in our failing schools.” Testimony at New York State Senate Education Committee Hearing Oct. 16, 2013

The Alliance for Quality Education “The Alliance for Quality Education is a coalition mobilizing communities across the state to keep New York true to its promise of ensuring a high-quality public school education to all students regardless of zip code.

Billy Easton speaking at the Campbell Brown Protest on Sept. 16, 2015 in Bolton Landing, NY

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