Letter to Morelle about New York Health Act


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Morelle District Office

1945 East Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14622

[email protected]

Dear Assemblyman Morelle,

As representatives of PNHP who provided testimony in support of A05062 at the Public Hearing in December 2014, we were delighted that the New York Health Act was passed by an overwhelming majority in the New York State Assembly on May 27, 2015.

We fully expected that few, if any, Republicans would support the “Gottfried Health bill”. However, we were extremely disappointed to learn that you were one of only 11 Democrats who voted against A05062. We will not hesitate to share our dissatisfaction and disapproval of your vote with as many of our friends and neighbors who live in the towns of Irondequoit and Brighton as we possibly can. We expect our democratically elected legislators to reflect the wishes of those whom they represent, not the interests of the insurance industry and other corporate entities. Your vote does not speak for us.

With deep disappointment,

Physicians for a National Health Program , Finger Lakes Area Chapter

Susan Ladwig, MPH, Chapter Secretary   [email protected]

Dr. Theodore Brown, Chapter Steering Committee [email protected]




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