Urgent!! Call State Senator today March 30, 2015

The NY State budget negotiations are coming down to the wire. Today the Assembly, the Senate, and Cuomo are hammering out the final language.
One of the things Cuomo wants is the ability to put so called failing schools into receivership, i.e., have them taken over by the state. We may be able to push the Senate to abandon that idea, the Assembly already has.

Struggling schools are not failing. That is the language of the billionaire supporters of charter schools. These schools struggle with a student body traumatized by poverty and relative disadvantage, but hundreds of our children are succeeding in these schools. We need to have local control to help these schools do even better.

Please call your Senator’s Albany office and tell him that you oppose the plan to give the state the power to put schools into “receivership.”
Robach Phone: (518) 455-2909
Funke Phone: (518) 455-2215

Do it now!

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