Message from AQE about the NY State budget negotiations

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There’s a lot going on today on the education front as budget negotiations intensify and April 1 draws near.

Below are sample social media messages and attached are graphics to promote:

  • AQE’s Tried and Failed legislative memo, highlighting how Washington, D.C. already implemented, and abandoned, the same high-stakes testing evaluation system that Gov. Cuomo is proposing.
  • EffectiveNY’s “Every Child” video, which shows how educational inequality has expanded under Cuomo.
  • The delivery of a petition with over 40,000 signatures calling on the legislature to reject Cuomo’s education reforms and focus on restoring funding.
Please take a moment to share as far and wide as you can!

AQE: Tried and Failed Memo

[email protected]’s plan to expand high-stakes testing has already been tried in Washington, D.C…and it failed.

[email protected]’s high-stakes testing plan tried and failed. Result was Massive turnover, spike in inequality

We already know that when 50% of teacher’s evaluations are based on high-stakes tests, students lose. Cc: @NYSenate

[email protected]’s education policies aren’t new or innovative. They’ve already been proven to fail.

EffectiveNY: “Every Child” video

WATCH: Gap between rich and poor schools is at highest level ever under @NYGovCuomo #AllKidsNeed #WeCantWait

WATCH: NY has most economically & racially segregated schools in U.S. under @NYGovCuomo #AllKidsNeed #WeCantWait

School funding shouldn’t depend on a child’s zip code. @NYGovCuomo should be ashamed of education inequality in NY!

NY spends $34,615 per student in Locust Valley, NY but just $15,238 in Utica, NY. #AllKidsNeed fair funding!

#AllKidsNeed full and fair education funding. Time for Albany to act!

Petition Delivery

Over 40,000 New Yorkers say “NO!” to @NYGovCuomo’s test and starve education plan. Are you listening @NYSenate?

40,000-signature petition demands @NYSenate reject high-stakes testing and state takeover plan for NY schools.

40,000 New Yorkers say: No expansion of high-stakes testing, no state receivership, #AllKidsNeed fair funding!

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Citizen Action of New York &
the Public Policy and Education Fund

O: 518.465.4600 x 125

C: 917.287.6422

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