Buddhist Peace Felowship: Support anti-Fracking Civil Disobedience

Hi everyone,

As you know, BPF member Dwain Wilder and 9 others were arrested last Wednesday for an act of civil disobedience/non-violent direct action (specifically, blockading the gates of the Crestwood salt mine methane storage facility to hinder building).  The trial is to take place in 4 days, about an hour and 30 minutes from Rochester:
               Wednesday, November 5, at 5:00 PM
               Town of Reading Town Court
               3914 County Route 28
               Watkins Glen, NY 14891
What can you do? Here’s the best thing:
               -Head down on Wednesday and party with the jailbirds!  (email me back, as there are 
                            some folks coordinating rides–I’ll put you in touch with them).  A big show of 
                            support is great for those on trial and for the community facing this 
If you can’t make it (and alas, I am one of them–I’ll be out of the country):
               -Sign the pledge at http://www.wearesenecalake.com/pledge-protect-seneca-lake/
               -Give $$ to the jail fund (look for the Donate button on the website, above)
               -Educate yourself about what’s going on:
To close, I went poking around in what Henry David Thoreau had to say–and was astounded by the scope of his writings that point directly to what we all hope for, and what our Seneca Lake 10 are actively doing.  This one–of many possibilities–seems right:
                                         Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty.  
for the BPF
Jay F. Thompson

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