Fast Food Workers Will Strike Tomorrow in the City of Rochester

Fast Food Workers Will Strike Tomorrow in the City of Rochester

This week, local fast food workers voted to join the nationwide day of strikes tomorrow, September 4th. This means that the Fight for 15 has finally come to Rochester!

For the first time since this movement began, workers in Rochester will join 150 other cities across the nation in their fight for the right to join a union and demand a living wage of $15 an hour.

WHERE: Pulaski Park (Gothic St. and Carter St.)
WHEN: 9:45am (we will leave this location at 10am, and and drive together to one of the stores where workers will be striking in Rochester…so PLEASE don’t be late!!!!)

Public policy group Demos says CEO compensation in the industry since 2000 quadrupled to $24 million, while the average fast-food worker’s wage only increased 0.3%. Fast-food CEOs make 1,000 times more than the average worker in the industry, according to Demos. U.S. census data show that the face of the fast-food worker has changed dramatically over the years. Workers over the age of 20 now make up 70% of the workforce and nearly 40% have children. A third of them have spent some time in college.

For a meal that costs $7 and is delivered in 5 minutes, an average fast food worker must labor for over an hour to afford that same meal.

This movement isn’t just about fast food workers; it’s about building an all-inclusive worker movement demanding an end to poverty in our communities. Please don’t miss out on this historic moment in the City of Rochester


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