Should New Yorkers Vote for $2billion Bond Act to Fund School Technology?

Governor Cuomo proposed this $2 bond act. If it passes we will be paying it off for years and years. How much benefit will our children get?

“Some school business officials don’t love the idea of the state borrowing money to buy computer tablets with a short lifespan. And some worry that state repayments could cut into other

Schools eager for tech money Democrat and Chronicle 20140811_A01_1

Who benefits if NY State goes into more debt to fund school technology? PARCC, Microsoft, Google, Bill Gates and other billionaires?

Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is the test being pushed along with the Common Core State Standards

Is This the Real Reason that Cuomo Wants a $2 Billion Technology Bond?

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, has been named by Governor Cuomo to a commission “charged with advising the State on how to best invest the Governor’s proposed $2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act in order to enhance teaching and learning through technology,” as announced by the governor’s office.

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