Rally at the Federal Building to Demand an End to the Massacre of Palestinians

Please come out!


Brian Erway: 585-755-1895

Brian Lenzo: 585-208-2772

At 5pm on Friday, July 25, there will be a rally at the Federal Building in solidarity with the people in Gaza who are being massacred and driven from their homes by the Israeli army.   Israel’s ground invasion continues and the casualties are mounting. The US government, our government, has professed full support for Israeli actions.   We are horrified by the inaction of the world in the face of this assault on civilians.

In Gaza, more than 650 killed, more than 4,250 wounded, over 100,000 have been displaced. Innocent civilians are 75% of the victims, killed and injured mostly in their own homes or while traveling on the public road. How can people stand silent in the fact of these atrocities?

More than a million Palestinian live in the largest open air prison in the world in Gaza. They are not allowed to leave.  Few resources are allowed in.  Egypt has destroyed the tunnels that used to provide access to necessary goods.   There is a shortage of water and the electricity has been taken out so untreated sewage floods back into towns and villages.   There isn’t enough food and no gas to cook it with.   Now they are slaughtered like fish in a barrel.  Where will it end?

We stand before you to declare our absolute rejection of this policy.  We stand with the innocents and those who cannot protect themselves.  We stand with the people of Gaza and the people of Palestine.  Our government has the power to restrain the Israeli government and stop the slaughter.   They are using US missiles and bombs, Apache helicopters and F-16 warplanes.  They receive 3 billion dollars a year in US aid.  It is time for the US to stop supporting Israeli atrocities.

We demand that they do so NOW!


Sponsored byRochester Against War and The International Socialist Organization andChristian Witness for Palestine

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