Letter to Mayor Lovely Warren

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Mayor Lovely Warren
Rochester City Hall
30 Church Street
Rochester NY, 14614

July 23, 2014

Dear Mayor Warren:

Our organizations are writing to wholeheartedly thank you for your leadership in working to identify a way for Rochester to be part of New York State’s response to the critical need for safe environments and communities that can offer vital legal, spiritual, and emotional assistance that is so needed by the thousands of immigrant and migrant children that have been arriving in the US from their home countries in Central America. We truly appreciate your efforts to actively engage the Rochester community in meaningful discussions about how we can work together to provide shelter and care to these children who are fleeing violence and poverty.

Our decades of collective experience in working in social, economic, immigrant, and racial justice in Rochester and across the state tells us that this is a key opportunity for Rochester to have a positive impact on the lives of these children, who, we believe, deserve to be welcomed by our community and provided safe and healthy conditions during their stay.

As such, we wish to convey our support for carefully considered initiatives to identify healthy, safe, supportive, and properly managed housing for these vulnerable and innocent children.

Please keep us apprised of developments and of how we can be active, public supporters of this initiative.

Thank you once again,

Bryan D. Hetherington, Chief Counsel, on behalf of Empire Justice Center
John L Ghertner MD, on behalf of Greater Rochester Coalition for Immigrant Justice
Sister Grace Miller, on behalf of House of Mercy and Rochester Poor Peoples’ Coalition
Lewis Papenfuse, Executive Director, on behalf of Worker Justice Center of New York
Luis Torres, Council President, on behalf of Metro Justice

Individual Supporters:
Barbara Abrams
Sam Abrams
Ryan Acuff
James Bearden
Kristin Brown Lilley
Mike Connelly
Johanna Cummings
Peter Dellinger
David Dornford
Sylvia Gasoi
June Gill
Michael L. Hanley
Reyna Ramolete Hayashi
Paola Macas Betchart
Grania Marcus
Bill McCoy
Sally McCoy
Colin O’Malley
Julia Saenz
Rev. James L. Swarts

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