Rally in Solidarity with Palestine

Rally in Solidarity with Palestine

Friday July 18
5:00 – 6:00 PM
@ the Federal Building at 100 State Street
Please come and bring banners and signs.   This is very last minute, again, but the situation is fluid. it looked like Israel might make a deal to back off but since then they have resumed slaughtering Palestinians and destroying their homes. Yesterday they drove 100,000 people from their homes by warning they would bomb them. Sounds like the Nakba. Terrorize the people. Threaten them and drive them out. Most of the people driven out 65  years ago are still refugees. Where will the Gazans go now? They are trapped.

Lets go out one more time to stand in solidarity with the people in Gaza against the horrific assault Israel has once again perpetrated on them.
Israel has no right to target families in their homes. Israel stop killing children. Israel stop killing Palestinians. Israel, you can’t kill Palestine. Come with signs supporting Palestine and Palestinians right to their homeland. Tell Rochester that Palestine lives and it won’t be forgotten.

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