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ROCHESTERIANS,    Mayor Warren has indicated that she will sign contracts for the Port of Rochester to construct three 10-13-story residential/commercial buildings along Lake Ave. on publicly owned lands.  The Mayor also authorized Edgewater Resources, an approved private developer, to “win Charlotte hearts and minds” for this development.   

These historically public lands, located about 480′ from Ontario Beach Park (between Lake Ave. and the Ferry Terminal building), would be sold to this out-of-state private developer. But, many people say that they have not been aware of these plans and their implications.

Therefore, this email is meant to “inform… to broaden the vision… and to generate input about what is best for the Port of Rochester, near and dear to the City’s lakefront”. 

We must think hard on what is best for Charlotte and all its potential, and then tell the City what its citizens want.  This is not just a Charlotte matter.  It is very much a public, community matter, even a Great Lakes matter.  Historically public lands will be lost forever  to residential and commercial uses, and these changes will reduce the public’s views and the general experience of the City’s waterfront.  There is much to consider, and  much to lose

This soon-to-be-made decision by the Mayor to develop Charlotte has come down to “revenues and returns” versus “preservation of a public space”.  Should change at our waterfront be radical in scale and use and be market-based, or incremental and public purposed?  What changes can succeed in an area that is known to be very seasonal and remote?  What are the risks, benefits, costs, returns, and payback times of the proposed uses? Should the highest priorities here be density and change for change’s sake, or the protection and refinement of our historically public waterfront resources?   Are revenues so dire, or should some things just not be for sale?  What are the specific objectives here?

So much is possible for Charlotte, but we must “see it and  say it”- now!  These dramatic changes will otherwise be built!  Share your concerns with anyone who may have interest, and, most importantly, tell our elected officials, without delay, to make ONLY THE BEST CHOICES FOR OUR PUBLIC WATERFRONT AREAS, and exactly why we prize them.  The waterfront and its adjacent lands are public treasures, where we often go for “renewal”.  Yes, they can be improved, but not sold off to private interests, to be just for those who acquire them.

Talk to family, friends, and neighbors, review the links below of recent events, and use the convenient email addresses at   Http://  to tell the Mayor YOUR concerns.  Even a quick message will help-

Edward Steinberg

Friend of Charlotte
Rochester Native and Lake Ontario Boater
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