Veterans for Peace – Don’t Attack Iraq

Veterans for Peace sent out an excellent mailing, giving the links to
four “Don’t Attack Iraq” petitions.  Obviously, the intent of all of
them is the same, but the wording is different.  I found three of
them to be user-friendly.  (The fourth one didn’t work, so I didn’t
forward it.)  Here are the links:

VfP also suggests we call the White House comment line, which I did.  It’s easy
enough, and the volunteers at the other end of the line are typically polite and
attentive.  The drawbacks are the wait time—for me about five minutes—and
the expense, because it’s not toll-free.  Here’s the number:


You can complete the three petitions and the telephone call in less than a half-hour.
(Much less if you don’t have to wait too long for the White House operator.)

My advice is, “Just do it.”  If enough of us do it, maybe the President will remember
that he is a recipient the Nobel Peace Prize!


Arnie Matlin

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