So you want to Fight for 15?

The Fight for 15 is rapidly taking off here in Rochester. But, if we’re really going to build a movement of fast food workers to win $15/hr and a union, we’re going to need your help! Not only is this movement helping to revitalize the US labor movement, but it’s also one of the strongest anti-poverty efforts of our generation. It deserves all of our attention and support.

The coordinating committee of the Fight for 15 in Rochester wants to invite you to join us for a campaign orientation meeting. I know, it sounds boring. But trust me, it won’t be!

At the meeting we’ll hear from workers from around the country that have engaged in this fight so far. The organizers that have been reaching out to fast food workers and making dozens of contacts already will tell us about their experiences. Most importantly, we will tell you the various ways that you can help this campaign move forward!

WHERE: 1199 SEIU Offices (259 Monroe Ave. Suite 220)
WHEN: Wednesday, June 11th, 6pm
RSVP Here!

Please join us and forward this email widely!

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