Follow the money: How education policy is made in New York

A dialogue.

The Coalition for Justice in Education &

The First Unitarian Church Social Justice Council

Presenter David Hursh, Professor of Education at the University of Rochester


Once upon a time educators and community members made education policy. Now, charter school CEOS, financiers, and the corporate elite meet with the governor to plot policy. Private corporations such as Pearson create the New York’s standardized tests, develop the curriculum, assess student teachers for certification, and provide professional development. Wealthy philanthropists such as Bill Gates fund developing the Common Core State Standards and endlessly push of its adoption. How do we make sense of this changing political landscape? Who meets with whom? Where does the money go?

David Hursh, Professor of Education at the University of Rochester, will begin the dialogue by diagramming connections between the individuals and groups influencing education in New York. Then, we will identify gaps in our understanding and develop strategies to fill them. One goal for this meeting is to initiate an ongoing collaborative research group that will generate policy recommendations and form a basis for Hursh’s and other’s publications and policy proposals.

This is a project of the Coalition for Justice in Education and the Social Justice Committee of First Unitarian Church of Rochester. Hursh’s most recent publication on education policy in New York is “Raising the stakes: High-stakes testing and the attack on public education in New York,” Journal of Education Policy, 28(5). 574-588. His article on Governor Cuomo and the betrayal of public education will appear soon in the Professional Voice, the journal of the Australian Educators Union. For more information, contact David Hursh


Date: June 17th Time: 7-9 pm

Place: First Unitarian Church, 220 Winton Road South, Rochester, NY 14610



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