Business groups fighting back in support of Common Core

ALBANY—Critics of the Common Core in New York have been winning the debate about the controversial education standards, but now they’ll face a counterattack backed by a considerable investment.

High Achievement New York, a nonprofit coalition of mostly business groups, plans to launch a roughly $500,000 phone and digital advertising campaign over the next several weeks in an attempt to promote the controversial curriculum standards.

New York’s business groups have long been among the state’s most vocal supporters, arguing that a Common Core education will help close the skills gap that makes it difficult for companies to recruit qualified workers. Following a national trend, they’re backing up their efforts with advertising and outreach campaigns.

“We want every child to have a chance at a great education, and that is why community leaders, educators and businesses have joined together to ensure that the high standards and dedication to excellence that the Common Core promotes make it into every classroom,” said Frank Thomas, the group’s executive director.

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