Metro Justice Rejects Anti-Abortion Message in Memorial Day Peace Parade

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle gave Metro Justice a thumbs down.

For Metro Justice for “uninviting” the group Feminists For Nonviolent Choices from marching in the Rochester Memorial Day Peace Parade. The organization, which op­poses abortion, vowed not to carry signs advocating its posi­tion on the issue. A peace parade ought to be inclusive.

The Peace Parade is inclusive of individuals, peace messages are welcome but anti-abortion messages are not welcome.

Metro Justice strongly supports the Women’s Equality Agenda the first point of which is:

  1. Protect Reproductive Health and Choice: Every woman should be able to decide what is best for her and her family when deciding whether to use contraception, have a child or end a pregnancy, especially when her health is in danger. This measure ensures that every woman in New York State can get the health care she needs. It’s not only about strengthening reproductive rights; it’s about supporting autonomy, privacy and dignity.

This is the only item in the 10 point agenda that did not pass last year.

The anti-abortion group, Feminists For Nonviolent Choices, campaigned hard against protecting women’s reproductive health and choice. The people in FFNVC are welcome to march in the Memorial Day Peace Parade as individuals, but they may not promote their anti-abortion agenda.

Here is a link to a Democrat & Chronicle web essay that shows their political agenda quite clearly.

One thought on “Metro Justice Rejects Anti-Abortion Message in Memorial Day Peace Parade

  1. you guys rock! FFNC is just branding. the only women’s issue they ever talk about is abortion. They’re not feminists and they don’t believe in choice, it is like talking about healthy food at McDonalds. just saying.

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