30th Annual Rochester Memorial Day Peace Parade

It all began with RWAP




2 thoughts on “30th Annual Rochester Memorial Day Peace Parade

  1. One could argue, if one were in the mood to, that it all began with RWAVAW–Rochester Women Against Violence Against Women–which i believe predated/’spawned’ RWAP….But ..it doesn’t matter: we need BOTH of them again/still….Im very excited about this 30th march! any plans to issue special invites to veterans of the ’84 who now live out-of-town–like Marg Hall? Even if they cannot show, they should be acknowledged in some way

  2. Rochester Veterans for Peace Chapter 23 will be marching, as usual, in the main body of the parade. We welcome all peace oriented military veterans to march with us. Many of us also backtrack and march with the peace contingent following the main parade.

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