Let’s Build P.O.W.E.R. – A Workers’ Center in Rochester, New York

Let’s Build P.O.W.E.R. – A Workers’ Center in Rochester, New York

People Organizing for Worker Empowerment & Respect


Economic inequality has never been greater. The top 1% benefits from running a race-to-the-bottom economy on the backs of the working poor. Workers of color, women and immigrants in Rochester are particularly vulnerable to poverty wages, wage theft, discrimination, retaliation, dangerous working conditions, temporary and part-time work, and underemployment. We are the 5th poorest metropolitan area in the country, and the 3rd highest in the concentration of poverty. With only 5.8 % of Rochester’s private sector unionized, the vast majority of city residents have no one to turn to, to help them fight for better wages & working conditions.


People Organizing for Worker Empowerment & Respect is a community-based, democratic, worker organization. It is a place where low-wage and unorganized workers join together to defend and expand their rights, build worker power, community, and self-determination.

We link workers’ needs for help with workplace injustices to organizing and participation in the organization. Through advocacy, leadership development, and political education we aim to empower, educate, and mobilize workers toward collective action.

Worker-led campaigns will expose workplace exploitation and win improvements in wages and working conditions. Our long term goal is to maximize workers’ voice, power, and leadership in movements for social and economic justice.

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