Mega Vote April 14, 2014

In this MegaVote for New York’s 25th Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes

  • Senate: Unemployment Benefits Extension – Passage
  • Senate: Equal Pay – Cloture
  • House: Budget Resolution – Passage

Editor’s Note: Both the House and Senate are in recess until the week of April 28.

Recent Senate Votes Unemployment Benefits Extension – Passage – Vote Passed (59-38, 3 Not Voting)
Senators passed a bill on Monday that, as amended, would extend unemployment benefits through May 31, 2014.
Sen. Charles Schumer voted YES
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand voted YES

Equal Pay – Cloture – Vote Rejected (53-44, 3 Not Voting)
The Senate failed to invoke cloture on a bill that would amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (PL 75-718), requiring employers to demonstrate that wage gaps between men and women with similar qualifications in similar jobs have a business justification. The bill would also prohibit employers from retaliating against employees seeking salary information to investigate gender discrimination in wages.
Sen. Charles Schumer voted YES
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand voted YES

Recent House Votes Budget Resolution – Passage – Vote Passed (2019-205, 8 Not Voting)
On Thursday, the House adopted a concurrent resolution that would provide $2.842 trillion to fund the federal government in fiscal 2015. The resolution assumes $5.1 trillion in spending reductions over 10 years and reductions in personal and corporate tax rates.

Rep. Louise Slaughter voted NO

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