Governer 1% in Rochester to promote his budget proposal

Governor 1% himself will be in town this Thursday morning to help get support for his Executive Budget Proposal. This is the same budget proposal that is giving billions in tax cuts that will almost entirely go to the rich, while refusing to properly fund our schools, real economic development, infrastructure, or health care.

Metro Justice will be rallying to demand Living Wage Jobs, not Tax Cuts for Millionaires!
WHERE: Eastman Business Park Research Lab – 1669 Lake Avenue 
WHEN: Thursday, February 20th, 10:30am

We need a strong turn out to show Cuomo that we won’t allow his policies to widen the gap between rich and poor in our state. We all do better when we all do better. With such little time to plan for this demonstration we need everyone that can attend out tomorrow morning! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to tell Governor Cuomo exactly how you feel about his budget proposal.

Let us know you’re coming on our website here and help us spread the word on facebook here.
Colin O’Malley

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