From Food and Water Watch

This Wednesday won’t be your typical hump day. We’re organizing a National Call-in Day to
Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). We’ll be flooding Congress with thousands
of calls to protect our food and water — can we count on you to be one of them?

Pro-corporate trade deals like the TPP would promote fracking, undermine food safety and give special interests even more power over our democracy. On Wednesday, we’ll ask you to help us flood Congress with calls to defeat a bill that would fast track the TPP by taking Congress — and the public — out of the process of negotiating trade deals like the TPP.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently came out against the fast track bill. This is great news, and evidence that the grassroots pressure we’re building is making a difference. But we’re anticipating immense pressure from some of the world’s most powerful corporations to push this deal through, at the expense of the environment, workers’ rights and the consumer protections we’ve fought so hard for.

We can’t let up. Mark your calendar and text “FEB12” to 69866 for a reminder to call Congress on Wednesday.

If you’ve never made a call to Congress before, it’s really easy. On Wednesday, we’ll give you the number to call and a script with exactly what to say. Your call will be counted with thousands of others in opposition to the TPP. We’ll show them what grassroots power is all about.

Are you in? Text “FEB12” to 69866 to pledge your call and get a text reminder.

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