We Do Not Want a Fast Track Trade Deal!

NYS AFL-CIOThe New York State AFL-CIO is working with our affiliates and community partners for a statewide week of action to tell our Congressional representatives to oppose any “Fast Track” authority for trade deals, including the Trans Pacific Partnership that has been called NAFTA on steroids. We know the cost of NAFTA, over 682,900* jobs were lost. China’s entry in WTO cost us another 2.7 million*. The TPP will be the worst job killer yet if we don’t all band together to sink this bill.

The “Fast Track” authority would bypass the constitutional authority of Congress to legislate by only allowing up or down votes on trade deals without knowing the full details or being able to make amendments. It continues the secret back room politics that have been the backbone of the TPP negotiations that have yet to be released to the public even though over 600 corporations have been involved in writing it.

Please call 1-888-966-9836 and join an event near you and let’s sink this job killing bill now before it has the chance to ship even more work overseas.

Jan 23rd at 12 noon
Valeo Plant 1525-1685 Lyell Ave.
Contact John Pusloskie

Seven reasons we don’t want a fast track trade deal!

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