Stop Fast Track Trans-Pacific Partnership (free trade agreement)

As CEOs look back on 2013 they have one big piece of unfinished business – making sure they can push the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal through Congress using “fast track.”

Negotiators missed their year-end deadline to wrap up the deal, but corporate lobbyists are doubling down over the holidays. They want senators to pass fast track, also known as Trade Promotion Authority, so that Congress cannot amend or change the negotiated agreement and must vote it up or down within 90 days.

The fight against fast track and for our jobs, wages and living standards starts with you. Your senator, Chuck Schumer, serves on the Senate Finance Committee which will hold a key vote on the bill. Click here to write Senator Schumer today asking him to vote no on Trade Promotion Authority for the TPP.

The TPP would give corporations new powers to attack important workers’ rights, environmental and public health protections. It would offshore millions of American jobs and erode wages here at home. It would decrease access to life-saving medicines and flood the U.S. marketplace with unsafe food.

It won’t be easy, but we can win this fight. In the past few months labor, community, environmental and consumer activists have helped generate significant opposition to granting Fast Track for TPP. Nearly 200 House members, including 25 Republicans, have written to the President opposing Fast Track for TPP.

Write Senator Schumer today:

In Unity,
Beth Allen
Online Communications Director
Communications Workers of America

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