Making NY Work: NYS AFL-CIO Launches an All-Out Campaign

The New York State AFL-CIO recently launched a new campaign to change the public policy debate in our state from one that is driven by corporations and billionaires to one that works for hardworking New Yorkers.  The project – “makingNYwork,” is a comprehensive statewide initiative that will incorporate digital strategy and boots on the ground grassroots organizing.  The campaign is kicked off with the release of a new website –, as well as a new web video –, which discusses economic development, jobs, and tax policy from the perspective of hardworking New Yorkers.

Mario Cilento, President of the New York State AFL-CIO, said, “For far too long, working men and women have been forced to play defense just to protect a basic standard of living in our state.  They’ve had to defend wages, benefits, and conditions of employment. The result has been prolonged unemployment and underemployment, worsening income equality and shocking levels of poverty, which are scourges in our communities.  Enough is enough.  The only way this will change is if we start a proactive conversation based on the needs of everyday New Yorkers who are working harder and harder but falling further and further behind.”

The new website features working men and women from different sectors of the economy and from all across the state asking their fellow New Yorkers to join them in the fight to:  (1.) Develop Strong, Long Term Industries with Family Sustaining Jobs; (2.) Invest in Public Services; (3.) Lift low wage workers out of poverty; (4.) Strengthen Supports for Working Families – on and off the job; and (5.) Empower Working Men and Women.

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