Monday Demo Nov. 25 at noon at the Federal Building

On Monday, Nov. 25, 2013 we will return to the Federal Building, 100 State Street, Rochester, NY.
Our main goal is to send two or three individuals at a time up to Sen. Schumer’s office with a personal letter about Social Security. We’ve already had a group from MJ meet with one of the aides, so the more people going to the office the better. We could bring our SS and Medicare signs for a presence in front of the Federal Building.

Please take a few minutes to write such a letter in your own words.  Here are some points that the Retirement with Dignity committee suggests we bring up.

  1. We can strongly urge him to cosponsor Senator Bernie Sanders’ Keeping Our Social Security Promises Act (S. 500), which would lift the cap above $250,000 for SS taxes and has 11 cosponsors such as Sen. Reid, Boxer, Leahy.
  2. Also, urge him to cosponsor Senator Harkin’s The Strengthening SS Act (S. 567), which increases annual SS benefits and improves the COLA calculation, and has 3 cosponsors including Sen. Sherrod Brown.
  3. There is also Senator Harkin’s bill S. Con. Res. 15 that the Chained CPI should not be used for calculating COLA benefits. This has 22 cosponsors including Senator Gillibrand.
  4. Senators Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, Tom Harkin have been speaking out to the news media and in the Senate in support of protecting and expanding Social Security, we would greatly appreciate Senator Schumer joining them in being a vocal advocate for Social Security.

Of course, anything personal you have to say is important to add.

It would be great to have several waves of two or three individuals going up to hand in letters.

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