USPEU Raiding Local Workers From Their Unions


There is a sham organization who is attempting to raid workers’ unions in our area, with a long history of corruption and disappointing outcomes for workers. This organization, identifying themselves as a “union” goes by many names which stem from a tangled web of what appears to be a number of conflicts of interest, as their officers wear many hats. UPSEU is the organization currently raiding the SEIU 200 United members at the Off Track Betting Center at Batavia Downs. UPSEU is an independent, non-AFL-CIO union which has grown rapidly in recent years by simply raiding current affiliated unions. They have no interest in growing the labor movement as a whole in order to stave off attacks on collective bargaining.

Please identify the number of associated “unions” under the umbrella of IUJAT (Iinternational Union of Journeymen and Allied Trades) by clicking HERE>>>

We are asking for help in sending a message to this destructive organization to stay out of our area; that our community will not simply stand by and allow UPSEU to break the workers’ union. SEIU 200 United is demanding that OTB adheres to the workers’ contract and allow SEIU union reps to see their members at work.

There will be an action Oct. 4, 2013 at Batavia Downs (8315 Park Rd. in Batavia) at 12:00 noon. Please contact Jake at 585-350-8444 with any questions!

There is plenty of information and research available on the destructiveness and corruption of UPSEU and its affiliates. We would be happy to share the information on public record with our affiliates and their members upon request. Please educate your fellow co-workers on the real intent of UPSEU (bulletins will be made available to post in your union halls and, when allowed, in your workplaces.

Rocester and Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation

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