Bread & Water Theatre – ON THE SPECTRUM By Ken LaZebnik.

Bread & Water Theatre is proud to be presenting ON THE SPECTRUM By Ken LaZebnik.  While working on this play we recognized the extraordinary times we were living in and wanted to make a commitment to the people of Rochester that was meaningful.

For everyone out there effected by the government shutdown, whether you are an employee on furlough or an individual who uses government services to pay your rent or help provide food for your family we want you in our audience.  Call 585.271.5523 and explain your particular situation and we will provide you with two free tickets to our production of ON THE SPECTRUM.

Because ON THE SPECTRUM deals with characters and situations affecting those in the autistic community we wanted to provide an environment that was comfortable to them while attending the theatre.  All matinee performances of ON THE SPECTRUM will be sensory friendly making it easier for those on the spectrum to attend the theatre and enjoy the performance.  Autistic people tend to be sensitive to loud noises and certain types of lighting.  The theatre will be especially configured to better meet the needs of our autistic patrons.  Special sensory friendly matinees are on October 13 and 20 at 2pm.

ABOUT THE PLAY: Is autism a disability or a difference? This simple but profound question is at the center of a new play by Ken LaZebnik. A young man with Asperger’s, passing as “typical” after years of mainstreaming and therapy, connects with a woman who proudly champions her autism as a difference, not a disorder. This love story between an “aspie” and an “autie” reveals the contradictions between finding success as yourself and on the world’s terms, and the conflict between the desire for acceptance and the desire for achievement.

PERFORMANCE DATES: October 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19 at 8pm; 13 and 20 at 2pm.

PERFORMANCE LOCATION: Bread & Water Theatre, 243 Rosedale St., Rochester, NY 14620.

TICKETS: $12 (General Admission) and $6 (Student/55+ Admission)
Visit to purchase tickets.

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