Join the Virtual Chain to Expand Social Security & Medicare

Now, more than ever, we need to stand firm against Congressional hostage-taking tactics, and not allow unreasonable, partisan demands to erode the Social Security and Medicare benefits that Americans earned. As we near a debt ceiling agreement, it’s critical that members of Congress know it is not alright to break the promises of our earned benefit programs.

Click here to join the virtual chain to expand benefits for the 99%, not cut them.

Today, more than 20 members of Congress are locking arms with activists at the U.S. Capitol to take a stand against the chained CPI and other damaging earned benefit cuts. No matter where you are, you can livestream it here now (10am Eastern time until 11:30)!

In particular, we must make sure that these hostage-taking schemes are not used to negotiate the Chained CPI formula change to seniors’ future Social Security cost-of-living adjustments, cutting their benefits. We also cannot allow Medicare costs to be shifted onto beneficiaries.

Today, citizens from around the country will join with over 20 members of Congress in front of the Capitol and form a human chain against the chained CPI and all benefit cuts that ask those with the least to continue sacrificing the most.

Join this effort by clicking here to join the virtual chain to expand benefits, not cut them.   

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