Monday Demo Sept. 30th at Noon on Jefferson Ave. & Bartlett St.

On Monday Sept. 30th at noon we will return to Jefferson Ave. and Bartlett Street in Rochester’s 3rd ward.

You can read some comments about our first Monday at Jefferson & Bartlett here

Please bring a sign to carry.Jefferson Ave. & Bartlett
Sign ideas (or make your own)

No money for war
Money for Education, Not for War
Money for Head Start, Not for Wars
Living Wage Jobs, Not More Wars
Make Jobs, Not War
Housing is a Right, War is a Wrong
Food Not Bombs
Money for Veterans Care, Not Another War
Where are the Jobs?
People Need Jobs Not More Wars
cost of 10 cruise missiles = 2,000 more children in Head Start

This address is centered on US Census Tracts 64 and 65 in Rochester. This link takes you to some quick facts from the American Community Survey about these tracts and further links to the census bureau web pages if you want to dig deeper.


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