Despite Eviction Orders, Woods Family Stays in Their Home

Who: Community of Human Rights Defenders
What: Eviction Protest to Stop the Unjust Bank Eviction of the Woods Family
When: Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 11:00am
Where: 394 Webster Ave., Rochester, NY (the 23 years residence of the Woods family)
Why: Because united we can stop the foreclosure machine and elevate housing to human right
Who would do this?: Oklahoma-based MidFirst Bank, worth over $9 billion in assets

On Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 11:00am the Woods Family, Take Back the Land Rochester, and community supporters will protest the heartless policies of mass foreclosure and force displacement of communities by the banks and foreclosure/eviction of the Woods family at 394 Webster Ave.

The Woods family has been in their home for 23 years and are willing and able to pay, but Midfirst Bank will next not accept their payments. In 2009, Glenda Woods, like many during the economic crisis, became unemployed and the family had a temporary reduction in income. Although the family resolved their financial difficulties, MidFirst Bank wouldn’t work with them and foreclosed on the family. MidFirst Bank is just latest company that have bought and sold their mortgage including Columbia Banking, Countrywide, Aurora, and MERS. For MidFirst, their house is just an investment. For the Woods family the house means everything.

Like the growing chorus of families in Rochester and across the country, the Woods family is not leaving their home despite the banks’s attempt to our communities by force. In Rochester, Take Back the Land Rochester and community allies have worked to unite tenants and homeowner in foreclosure to fight the human right to housing and for the structural changes support economic human rights.

When our Home Defenders Stand Up, Let’s Stand With Them!

For more info contact Ryan Acuff

If you can’t make the protest but would like to sign up for Eviction Watch shifts (hourly shifts to keep neighborhood watch on the police and bankers when an attempted eviction is imminent) and updates you can respond to this e-mail
Take Back the Land Rochester
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