“America is world’s bully in denial” Letter to Democrat & Chronicle 9/15/2013

“For nearly seven decades, the United States has been the an­chor of global security.”

— President Obama It runs against the grain of natural patriotic feeling to acknowledge the dark side of United States hegemony. But judging from the lack of support by Americans, Congress or allies, per­haps Obama’s spurious claim has at last worn thin. American clarity and honesty here is overdue, perhaps by as much as seven decades. To para­phrase historian William Blum, it was the United States, not Spain, Bel­gium or Norway that has bombed 23 countries since the Korean War.

Probably all of these were illegal by interna­tional law. Our self­indemnification from international norms is based on a philosophy of “might makes right.”

Also overdue: asking ourselves what hege­monic aggression has wrought. How has being bully helped Americans?



From D & C

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