Minutes of Sept. 9th Meeting

Present: Tim S., Jo C., Jim B., Liz A., Elaine J., Gail M., Peter M., Sally M., Al B., Mike , Lucy, Pat M., Rich M., Jack H., Lil L., Sylvia G., June G., Doug N., Grania B., Denise Y., Renee

  1. Conversations with the rest of the world–Sally
  2. Veterans perspective–Rich
  3. Goals and Strategies
  4. Take Back the Land
  5. War
  6. Relations with groups
Announcement and request: 2 properties up for auction; Renee’s and someone else; email will be sent to B of R.
  1. Conversations w/ the rest of the world–Sally proposed organizing in neighborhoods by going into neighborhoods in Rochester, asking what’s on people’s minds,go in pairs; mentioned Marshall Ganz interviewed on Bill Moyers; importance of listening for organizing.
  2. Discussion: 
  • Pat–Colin spoke about the importance of building neighborhood organizations; this is what we need to do.
  • Alex–it is safe in neighborhoods; we should have handouts and go door-to-door in pairs
  • Grania–need to partner with neighborhood organizations
  • Pat–doesn’t matter that you are white in neighborhoods of color; folks ignored for so long, they want to give their opinion
  • Alex–folks have been disenfranchised for so long they will appreciate being listened too.
  • Jack–So we ask for their opinion–then what?
  • Sylvia–Organizing will also enlarge our scope
  • Peter–Organizing is tough; takes constant effort; concern that we don’t have the perseverance and person power
  • Sally–we’re not pledging to do the work, just to listen
  • Mike–say who we are and say we want to have a conversation
  • Pat–encourage people to go to city council; want to avoid telling them what to do
  • Gail–is Colin doing this kind of organizing with MJ? No.
  • Jim B.–This is a huge switch, 360 degree turn from demonstrating once a week; doesn’t think the B of R  will buy it
  • Elaine–Doesn’t understand how it would work
  • Doug–Henrietta sd. we should express our outrage; we could just do what we do in other neighborhoods
  • Alex–Our most successful neighborhood was Portland Ave.; opportunity to do outreach at the same time as doing what we do.
  • Sylvia–concerned that words don’t mean anything;
  • Lucy–we should encourage neighbors to respond
  • Rich–Compared this strategy to getting our neighbors to love us before they know our politics; need to do it house by house, street by street; it worked
  • Doug and Pat–Proposed an interim step– have relevant signs at good location and talk with folks who come by.
  • Grania–mentioned the NC Moral Mondays as a model for organizing, broad coalition, cross-race, cross-class.
  • Elaine–we could have several smaller groups along the street at the same time spread out.
  • Sally–knocked on doors in inner city; always accepted; in favor of organizing by knocking on doors–we were always accepted
  • Elaine–we aren’t afraid to go to inner city.
  • Gail–Doug proposal sounds good; we need to give people hope
 Decisions: 1. Starting on Monday, September 16, at noon, at Jefferson and Bartlett  (foot traffic, mainly commercial areas; we should all be together; public witness to oppose the war and focus on the connection between war and its costs and loss of funds for education (esp. Head Start); involve RAW
  1. Continue to support Take Back the Land, Metro Justice Social Security Committee, and other groups: oppose banks–banks are supporting war and programs are deprived; Rich–if they want a war, they’ll start it one way or another, but we should understand veterans.
  2. Listen to veterans while we’re demonstrating
  3. PLANNING COMMITTEE FOR SEPT. 16:  Doug, Jim, Grania, Jo, Sylvia, Liz
 Submitted by Grania

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