March with Farmworkers in Labor Day Parade



in the Labor Day Parade ! Monday, September 2, 2013
Meet at Sibley Place and East Ave. (across from Prince St.)
Arrive by 10:30 a.m. ____ Wear a red or white top!
We will wear red bandanas to express our solidarity with farmworkers
and are asking that you please return them to Marilu at the end of the parade!
We’re marching to (1) thank farmworkers and acknowledge the
back-breaking work they do to put food on our tables and (2) promote passage of the farmworker bill that will give them basic workers rights that all of us enjoy!
Bring a sign
“Pass the Farmworker Bill, S.1743!” (or your own message)
Make sure you have a way back to your car.
Farmworkers Deserve Equal Rights
Overtime!  A Day of Rest!  Collective Bargaining !
Need photographer and driver !
Contact:  Marilu Aguilar ([email protected])
Si se puede!

One thought on “March with Farmworkers in Labor Day Parade

  1. We know Jim Schmidt was looking down on us, all smiles, as we marched for farmworker rights! There was a nice tribute to him as we passed the review stand. He’s forever in our hearts!

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