Capitalism, Marxism, and Anarchist Economics

Rochester Red & Black is proud to be hosting Wayne Price for a talk on Capitalism, Marxism, and Anarchist Economics. Wayne’s presentation will be followed by Q & A discussion.

August 20th at 7pm
at the Flying Squirrel
285 Clarissa St. Rochester NY, 14608

Anarchists, libertarian socialists, and others can learn from Marx’s economic theory to understand the current crisis of capitalism–and to develop a revolutionary working class program to deal with it. Wayne Price will draw on his new book, The Value of Radical Theory: An Anarchist Introduction to Marx’s Critique of Political Economy (AK Press).

Wayne Price is a long-time writer and militant. He has been involved in antiwar, union, and human rights struggles over the years. He has participated in various revolutionary libertarian socialist organizations over the years. He has produced three books about anarchism and many essays on the Internet.

Wayne’s other books can be found here:

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