Help Stop the Cuts to Social Security

Call Senator Schumer July 10 – 11th

Each year politicians come up with a new scheme to cut Social Security in an effort to balance the budget on the backs of seniors, children and the disabled. Each year we are forced to raise our voices and to say no these cuts. This year Politicians latest scheme is referred to as the Chained CPI.  Chained CPI lowers Social Security cost of living adjustments by changing the statistical formula that the government uses to calculate the rate of inflation. In practice, what this complex Washington idea means is actually very simple: An immediate Social Security benefit cut to the benefits we earned that gets worse with each passing year. An average earner retiring at age 65 would lose over $6,000 over 15 years if the chained CPI were adopted. 

Sen. Schumer has not signed on to the Senate Resolution that opposes the Chained CPI cut to Social Security

 Suggested Message:  “I would like to Thank Senator Schumer for his past support of Social Security.  We were surprised that he has not joined with Senator Gillibrand in signing the Senate Resolution opposing the Chained CPI.  I urge Senator Schumer to oppose the Chained CPI and any cuts to Social Security. Please sign on to the Senate Resolution opposing the Chained CPI.”

link to call

Senator Schumer’s Local Office Phone Numbers :

NYC – 202-224-6542                                     Rochester – 585-263-5866

Albany- 528-431-4070                        Syracuse – 315-423-5471

Binghamton – 607-772-6792                        Peekskill -914-734-1532

Buffalo -716-846- 4111                        Long Island – 631-753-0978

Senator Schumer’s Washington Number: 202-224-6542

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